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Top 20 Photographs

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Photo Number 1

Location: Coyote Hills   Date: 2004-12-06

Great Blue Heron : Ardea herodias

Photo Number 2

Location: Ocean - Morro Bay   Date: 2005-01-15

Brown Pelican : Pelecanus occidentalis

Photo Number 3

Location: Ocean - Morro Bay   Date: 2013-01-19

Northern Fulmar : Fulmarus glacialis

Light morph.

Photo Number 4

Location: Coyote Hills   Date: 2004-12-06

Red-Tailed Hawk : Buteo jamaicensis

Photo Number 5

Location: Morro Rock   Date: 2004-01-17

Heerman's Gull : Larus heermani

Photo Number 6

Location: Tampa Bay   Date: 2006-12-30

Sanderling : Calidris alba

Photo Number 7

Location: Bosque del Apache   Date: 2005-11-20

Sandhill Crane : Grus canadensis

Photo Number 8

Location: Tampa Bay   Date: 2006-12-31

Black Skimmer : Rynchops niger

Photo Number 9

Location: Tampa Bay   Date: 2006-12-30

Tri-colored Heron : Egretta tricolor

Photo Number 10

Location: Fremont Apartment   Date: 2008-02-24

Cedar Waxwing : Bombycilla cedorum

The Waxwings and Robins finished off the berries on this tree in 3-4 days.

Photo Number 11

Location: Bosque del Apache   Date: 2005-11-26

Greater Roadrunner : Geococcyx californianus

Photo Number 12

Location: Rodeo Beach   Date: 2004-07-03

Black Oystercatcher : Haematopus bachmani

Photo Number 13

Location: Avila Beach   Date: 2008-12-25

Brown Pelican : Pelecanus occidentalis

Photo Number 14

Location: Rio Grande Nature Center   Date: 2005-11-26

Hooded Merganser : Lophodytes cucullatus

Photo Number 15

Location: Coyote Hills   Date: 2004-11-13

Canada Goose : Branta canadensis

Nice landing shot

Photo Number 16

Location: Kilauela Lighthouse   Date: 2013-08-15

Brown Booby : Sula leucogaster

Love those webbed feet.

Photo Number 17

Location: Rio Grande Nature Center   Date: 2005-11-26

Merlin : Falco columbarius

Photo Number 18

Location: Bosque del Apache   Date: 2005-11-24

Snow Goose : Chen caerulescens

Dark morph

Photo Number 19

Location: Pacific Ocean near Farallon Islands   Date: 2014-08-02

Black-footed Albatross : Phoebastria nigripes

These guys were quite common on our trip to the Farallones.

Photo Number 20

Location: Bosque del Apache   Date: 2005-11-22

American Wigeon : Anas americana