Welcome to my website. This page was designed to display my passion for bird photography. This site has 1698 photos at 60 different locations. A total of 279 different bird species are included here.

My photos can be searched in a number of different ways.

  Bird List - A taxonomic listing of all of the birds that I've photographed.

  Bird Search - Search for a particular bird by common name, genus, species, family and/or order.

  Location List - See a list of all of the places where these photos were taken.

  Top 20 Photos - The 20 photographs that I think are the best.

Bird Notes - I consider myself an amateur birder. There are a number of identifications of my photos that I'm not sure of such as Long-billed Dowitcher vs. Short-billed. I try to identify the questionable IDs in the photo captions but there could easily be others where I'm mistaken in my ID. If you think I've gotten one wrong please feel free to email me at vbacon at

Photo Notes - The photos in the individual bird and location pages are cropped to 800 pixels wide. If you click on one of these you get the full version. However, due to cropping, these vary significantly. I tend to crop tightly for photos that are going on the web.

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